About Us.

Our History

Founded in 2015 by Bill Le, Independent Agency Alliance (IAA) is committed to helping clients make informed decisions about their financial future. IAA has partnered with some of the most respected insurance and financial companies around the world to offer people just like you a wide range of affordable products as well as innovative solutions to financial problems.


These products include:

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Living Benefits (Accelerated Benefits)

  • Annuities

Our Promise

IAA’s commitment is to you – the client. The main goal of IAA is to help our clients develop a vision of what their financial future could be and then put them on the path to achieving that future. IAA Agents listen and develop a customized plan that allows our clients to protect themselves and their loved ones. IAA Agents also work closely with our clients to create a plan that helps you not only protect the income you work so hard for but also to grow that income into something bigger and better.

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Our Mission.

1. Help individuals and families attain a secure financial future by cultivating and securing wealth.
2.  Provide an industry-leading platform for our Agents to add tremendous value to their clients and build a personal business they can be proud of.

IAA accomplishes our mission by working to understand our client’s needs and applying honest and intelligent advice. We provide our clients with innovative products and solutions and customize the best plan to ensure the success and security they deserve. In our efforts to achieve our mission, we are in constant search for passionate individuals to join our organization. By building a strong network of quality Agents and caring for our clients like our own family, we can achieve our mission of
"Together We Build Value For Life."

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Our Vision.

 Create an opportunity with integrity, intending to help a far greater number of people. The future goal of IAA is to branch out into every city within the next ten years, sustaining a nationwide presence, and creating a far-reaching ability to build value and improve lives.

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Our Solution.

IAA has identified the best insurance companies to work with and negotiated competitive rates and programs that your clients will find to be exceptional. IAA is thoroughly committed to helping you succeed.

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Guiding Principles

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